Sales Processes

Sales coaching provides the ability to easily train your sales team for better productivity and performance. It's considered a "bottom-line" type of coaching and provides measurable results for your business.

Coaching your team through sales processes helps to provide a step-by-step plan for sales, along with the ability to measure performance and improvements. Often, your coach will help share the burden of the sales manager to free the manager's time for other objectives. 

Creating the Right Sales Processes

My name is Phillip Long and I will help you create excellent sales processes perfect for your team. We will look at the people, current process and the parts to ensure everything you need is in place. 

the people

One of the most important aspects of your sales team is the actual people. Your team members need to be the right choices or you will end up with a revolving door of employees. It starts with hiring the right people and continues with providing the right training and support.


the process

With the right process, you'll be able to analyze, design, review and revise your sales process. My coaching will help you develop the necessary process to ensure you can reach your objectives. We will look at your project schedule, blueprint and requirements to ensure they are realistic. In addition, I will help you train and develop your key players.

the parts

The technical parts of the process are also very important. I will help you by providing proven methods and techniques for creating your technical infrastructure.

Everything from the people on your team all the way to the technical aspects makes a huge difference when it comes to your sales processes. My coaching will help you in each area and you will be able to better develop a successful, well trained team.

No One-Size-Fits-All Strategies

I don't believe in one-size-fits-all coaching. Your business is unique and requires a custom approach. With my many years of experience, I will develop a custom coaching plan to provide assistance in developing your sales processes.

We will spend time working out all the details to ensure the right training, organization and systems are put in place to support your sales objectives. Whether you want to retain more employees or you want to increase profits, I will help you achieve success.

Call me today at 251-747-2959 and we can discuss how my coaching will help you develop successful sales processes.

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