HIPAA Breach/Risk Assessment

Have you suffered from a data breach? Are you in the medical industry? If so, you need the right HIPAA breach protection.

Protecting medical information is vital to any business within the healthcare industry. With my all-in-one HIPAA security consulting, you gain access to the easiest and fastest way to remain HIPAA compliant. I give you all the tools you need to remain protected from hackers and other types of attacks.

Full Risk Assessment

When you hire me to handle your HIPAA breach protection, I will start by providing a thorough risk assessment. This assessment will include:

  • A full risk assessment
  • My security recommendations
  • A snapshot of what you need to remain HIPAA compliant
  • A threat analysis
  • Complete, easy to understand reports
  • And more!

Along with the full assessment, I will provide employee training in HIPAA security. This training will include compliance testing to ensure all your employees understand the training. You will also receive employee security reminders, annual retraining and training for all new employees.

Take the Confusion Out of Your HIPAA Security

HIPAA regulations are very confusing. With the tools I will provide, compliance becomes much easier. Some of the tools you will gain include:

  • The ability to track access to your system and servers
  • Track USB/CD/DVD drives containing patient information
  • Track system activity reviews
  • Templates for the Notice of Patient Privacy
  • Templates for Emergency Operations
  • A full HIPAA Technology Suite
  • And more!

As a full-service HIPAA security consultant, I take care of just about everything for you. With my help, becoming and staying HIPAA compliant becomes very easy.

Why Hire Me?

As your HIPAA security consultant, I will work tirelessly to ensure you remain compliant. I have extensive experience working within the healthcare industry specifically with security, regulatory compliance and privacy services.

My cost-effective security solution provides the answer to all your HIPAA compliance issues. I will help implement the right program to ensure you're continually compliance with the HIPAA-HITECH Privacy, Security and Data Breach Notification Rules.

If you're in need of a HIPAA risk assessment, call me today at 251-747-2959.
I will be happy to help you remain HIPAA complaint.

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